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Recent writers tend to use forms that more closely represents the original Oriental pronunciation, hence the appearance Chingis.) There are nine languages in the Altaic language family (the Altaic family of languages is comprised of three major groups, Mongolian; Turkic, or Turko-Tatar; and Manchurian, or Tungus), and the language known in modern times as "Mongolian" is the one associated with the tribes and clans of Chingis Khan (the major Mongolian dialects are Khalkha, Buryat, Oriat, Ordos and Chahar).The person who desires a Mongolian name appears to be in this company, as most references to Mongol naming practices remain in the native language or have been translated only into languages of cultures that have had long cultural or political dealings with this nomadic society (e.g., Chinese and Russian).Help grow your battlelog platoon into a new independent online gaming community now!I suspect that the majority of people who wish Mongolian persona are those who want to be associated with the nomadic tribes preceding the establishment of the Mongol Empire, and with the culture and time period of the Mongol Empire itself.Instead, manuscripts and histories that tell of those time periods are helpful, and from them can be drawn names and naming practices that are associated with these much earlier Mongols.

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